We are a family owned and operated business with a history of over 90 years of experience in the cotton gin business. We are inventors, designers of equipment and machinery, and steel fabricators.

Our History

1926—William Lipsey’s step-grandfather, Henry Bourn, owns steam powered gins in Oak Vale and Prentiss, MS

1934—Henry Bourn dies & leaves the gins to WT Lipsey, William’s father

1938—WT Lipsey buys a new Lummus gin and installs it in Prentiss, MS

1953—WT Lipsey buys another Lummus gin to handle cotton harvested by Ford strippers, Prentiss, MS

1965—William Lipsey, Henry Lipsey, & cousin Eddie Dale buy a modern Lummus gin, Prentiss, MS

1971—Following Hurricane Camille in 1969 and reduced cotton acreage, William moves the new
Lummus gin to Indianola, MS and begins building and renovating gins in the off season

1980’s—William runs his gin, installs 30 UD presses, builds new gins and renovates gins

1990—Lipsey GinTech is formed, William applies for a Patent on his TrashMax, the Patent was issued, 102 units have been built

1997—Lipsey GinTech builds its first Walking Floor® module feeder, 36 more followed

2010—William discovers the prototype flipper built by John England, an agreement is made and the Patent is applied for, since then over 50 Flippers have been built and are in operation

Present – Lipsey GinTech currently manufactures and sells The Flipper, The TrashMax, Warehouse Trailers, Bulk Grain Weighing Systems, and does custom design & fabrication of all types of machinery and equipment for agriculture and industry.

WT Lipsey Gin & Ford Tractor Dealership 1951

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